Longhorn Industrial and Safety Supplies

Empowering Industries, Ensuring Safety

Your One-Stop Industrial & Safety Solutions Hub

At Longhorn Industrial and Safety Supplies, we are not just a supplier; we are a comprehensive solution provider for diverse industrial needs. Whether you’re in search of reliable fasteners, precision-oriented welding and metalworking tools, protective headgear to ensure workplace safety, or comfortable and durable outerwear for your team, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive product categories, spanning from Tools & Equipment to Environmental Solutions and Personal Protection, are meticulously curated to ensure that every client finds the perfect fit for their requirements. Each item in our selection stands testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. Dive into our extensive range and equip your business with the best the industry has to offer.

Fasteners & Hardware

Ensuring structural integrity and durability, our selection covers everything from nuts, bolts, screws to essential hardware tools and accessories.

Lubricants & Abrasives

Our lubricants guarantee smooth machinery operations, while our abrasives ensure a fine finish, optimizing performance.

Safety & First Aid

Prioritizing worker well-being, we provide everything from protective gear, high-visibility clothing to comprehensive first aid kits.

Welding, Metalworking & Cutting Tools

Catering to artisans and engineers alike, we offer robust welding equipment, precise fabrications, and accuracy-driven cutting tools.

Personal Protection

From headgear, clothing, gloves to durable footwear, our range ensures utmost protection in diverse working conditions.

Tools, Equipment & Material Handling

Be it handheld devices, heavy machinery, or packaging solutions, we guarantee efficiency and reliability.

Environmental & Maintenance

Championing sustainability and cleanliness, our products aid eco-friendly operations and facility upkeep.

Office, Electrical & Lighting

Beyond workshops, our assortment aids smooth administrative tasks, uninterrupted power, and efficient illumination.

Fluid Management

Ensuring optimal transport and purity with our hoses, fittings, and air & gas solutions.

Cleaners, Sealants & Adhesives

From stripping away grime to bonding and sealing solutions, we offer products that promise performance and resilience.

Bulk Orders

To compete, Longhorn keeps our overhead and margins low on bulk shipments. With our centrally located Distribution Center located in Red Deer, Alberta, we are uniquely suited to drop shipping pallets of products anywhere in Western Canada. We can also ship directly from our trusted manufacturers warehouses to your doorstep, taking out the hassle and the cost of multiple shipments. Whether it’s for turnarounds or general stock, we can make it work for you.

Join Us in Crafting the Future

As we look ahead, our vision remains clear – to continue being the gold standard in industrial and safety supplies. We invite you to explore our extensive product categories, engage with our experts, and join us in crafting a future where quality, safety, and excellence are not just words, but a lived reality.